Friday, January 6, 2012

The Topic of my blog changed in an instant

This morning I got up at 6, day TWO on my adventure to making my life better and setting an example for my baby.  I got my shower got dressed as to be fully awake this time when I did my devotions.  I go out to get my computer am walking back to the bedroom and instantly stop in my tracks.  Sitting on the kitchen counter next to my diaper bag and lunch ready to go to work and daycare is the most beautiful set of roses and a card.  The card reads "If you knew how often I think of you, you would feel like I'm hugging you" can I just say that I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!

If that doesn't make a girls day start off right I don't know what will!!!  So just so the whole world knows I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!!  Ok, need to go fix breakfast and get to work. 

Blessings to you now and always,

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