Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"The List"

Don't judge me, I watch Friends.  We own all 10 seasons on DVD and I've figured out that Adam and I watch the complete series probably about 4 times a year.  Now you have to realize we don't have cable so that doesn't make this such a "loser" time activity :) Well today is one of the days where (during nap time) I watch Friends and enjoy some me time.  Well I was watching the episode where Pheobe makes the statement "Out of all the men that Monica has been with, and that has been A LOT, I like Richard the best"  Now if you've seen the episode you know that this then leads to Monica and Richard (and in another room Rachel and Ross) having the talk about who they've been with, or "The List" and I would like to say PRAISE GOD I NEVER HAD TO HAVE THIS TALK! 

Now I've always been very honest about my history and to make a long story short Adam was not my first.  Praise God though that I married a man who when I had to have that talk with him he was forgiving.  Now that being said I'm glad we never had to have the talk about who we had done it with.  I can't imagine!  My prayer is that my daughter will experience the same.  I know that she will make her own choices but I pray that God will guard her and protect her from the world!  Some day, my daughter will grow up and (Lord willing) marry a great man, and I would like to know that she didn't have a list.  My prayer today is that whoever reads this blog young and old, will either look to the future and say to themselves "I don't want to have that list I'm going to save myself for my husband" or look back and say "I'm so glad I didn't have a list" or "I had the list but Praise God for forgiveness and I forgive myself!" Well Abbie is up from her nap and it's time to get back to chores.

Blessings today and always,

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