Saturday, January 21, 2012

I fell off the wagon...

and RAN MYSELF OVER WITH IT!  I must admit for the past 2 days I've gone on a bit of an eating binge, I did pretty good during the day at not eating a lot (although I didn't eat healthy I didn't over eat) but the past couple nights I over ate, last night being a deliberate "I had a horrible day and I need FOOD" night.  So getting up this morning I didn't feel great about myself I had the "I over ate" hang over which never feels good.  However, I got up did my devotions and am determined that it's a new day.  I went to a ladies bible study I'm involved in and had a great time of encouragement and fellowship, I've begged God's forgiveness once again and am back on track.  I am so thankful for encouraging women in my life who understand that we all fail but that are willing to encourage me and pray for me.  This has gone beyond an eating problem, this is a big fat spiritual battle!  I am learning to lean on my Father for comfort in my times of depression and bad days.  Okay, well I was just taking a small break from cleaning!  I need to get every thing finished for when miss Abigail wakes up so I can go to the store!

WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!  One more thing!!!!  Have you heard about the awesome book that Darlene Schacht wrote and giving away free e-copies?!  Follow this link and read her blog and find out the many ways to enter!!

Blessings today and always,

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