Friday, July 25, 2014

Today marks a day in history

Y'all today was a day to remember forever!  Today is the day that Amy Hanners went to the gym and worked out EVERY DAY except my Sunday rest day!  I have never in my life went to the gym for a whole consecutive week!  I can't tell you how much that fact right there makes me feel!  I am in pain...I hate what I'm eating and I hate what I'm missing out on...however I am so happy that I am doing it!

It's not as hard getting up and going to the gym as I thought it would be, what's more of a challenge is that I have to do more then just walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes at a slow pace.  I really have been working hard!  I even jogged today...for 30 seconds but HEY I JOGGED!

Keep reading folks I promise not all posts will be this boring...stay tuned for BIG announcements Monday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The burn....oh the burn!!!

It's been a few days since I updated on my new life adventure so I thought I would update y'all.  Now keep in mind I'm doing pretty good for someone who had already meal planned and shopped for the month before I started this whole journey...I just can't (and won't) throw all that food out to start clean (pun intended lol) 

I have now been going to the gym every day (except break day which is Sunday) for almost a whole week.  The first 2 days I just walked on the treadmill and rode the bike but hey it's a start.  On the 3rd day I met with the personal trainer at the gym...I know it's just a way to drag me in to paying them money but the consultation was still free so  I took it. Well I found out that I don't weight 340 pounds....I weight 350 pounds!  So folks my goals have changed a first goal marker is 100 lbs in 10-12 months.

So I have a friend that is going to be training with me and I'm so thankful for her because if it weren't for her I would have still been on the treadmill just walkin along making little progress.  Yesterday when I met with the trainer he confirmed what I know legs are very weak (I did the phantom chair for all of 5 seconds) I did 10 standing lunges and my legs are screaming today.  My friend had me doing some ab exercises today along with shoulder strengthening exercises and I already feel it.  Only the Lord can give me the strength that I need for this!  And I've decided something (budget pending) that for every week that I workout every day except rest day I'm rewarding myself...with a smoothie from Smoothie King.  Don't worry it's a veggie fruit smoothie and amazing and really good for me!

So yes my legs are burning I have some extra workouts to do per my "personal trainer" tonight before bed and I'm gonna need some prayer! I go to make next months meal plan!  Healthier meals here we come!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dear Friend who hates herself...

Dear Friend who hates herself,

I know you feel like you're alone, that you're the only mom who struggles with the choices and mistakes she makes on a daily basis.  Please know that you are not alone!  This may come as a shock (or it may not) but I yell at my kids (I sometimes outright lose it and wonder "where did that voice just come from").  Yes I to have had to choke back tears and apologize to my children.  I have had to listen to my 18 month old cry because mommy just growled at her and at the same time hear my 3 year old go "Oh are you ok...did monny scare's ok baby monny didn't mean it"....and then I have had to pick those same sweet children up with tears on my cheeks and apologize to them and pray for forgiveness with them.  I wonder myself sometimes if I will screw my children up...will they ever learn to obey the first time I ask them to do something?

My house is a mess...don't think that it's not cause I know you've seen it before!  I may have just cleaned it last night but my three children have seen to it that not a speck of floor remained uncovered with toys or food from lunch and dinner or random things pulled out from bedrooms.  I am no Caroline Ingles although that would be fun!  We had mac n cheese for lunch and guess what...we had spaghetti for dinner where I didn't check the oven and had spilled a few days ago oven caught on fire...thank you Lord for baking soda!  Sweet friend you are not alone.

I didn't have awesome fun play dates today where my children were neatly pressed and played with their friends while me and my friend sat and drank coffee....I did not sew my girls new outfits today or make any cute pintrest projects.  I didn't make a huge dinner and me and my husband did not get to sit down to a meal with each other even once today.

But here's what I did do today....I hugged a baby when she slipped with her Jelly shoes on the wood floor and busted her tushy...I wiped the tears from her little face and whispered words of love to her.  I read books with my girls while they sat in my lap one was playing with my hair the other leaned up against me sucking on her sweet little fingers.  I sang to my son as we sat through his fussy period...I listened to my oldest daughter repeat her memory verse back to me.  I stacked blocks I fed babies I read more books I gave baths I sang bedtime songs and read bedtime books.

In between all of that today there were times I lost my temper....I looked at my house and thought how on EARTH can 3 little people make such a mess!  I fought with myself in my head over weather I should eat that bowl of popcorn.  I fought with myself over my harsh words...more times then I would like to admit.

So no sweet friend you are not alone.  I will pray for you and you can pray for me....I will always be a supporter...I will never judge you for things you say or do.  I will always pray for you because I know you struggle with this.  I love you sweet friend.  More importantly you have a KING who loves you more deeply than any of your friends or family ever could....let Him help you....let Him speak to your children through you....immerse yourself in your Heavenly Father and He will give you the peace you desire to be the mother those children need.  This to is just a blip in time...they will be grown and gone...and you're doing an amazing job.

I love you friend.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Working out

So I am one week into this exciting adventure changing my life and can I just still sucks.  I've also struggled and stumbled and had the hardest time of it!  The hardest thing?  We got Abbie some M&M's to try and help with her potty training...well it didn't help with the potty training and the bag of M&M's is gone.  She gets stickers from now on haha.  So thanks to a HUGE blessing Adam and I are now members of Kenetix Gym here in Valdosta.  We signed up Friday and I was able to work out Saturday, we decided Sundays will be our off day mostly because they don't have daycare open on Sunday lol.  

So as I'm walking on the treadmill the sweat begins to pour, now I am not a fan of sweat.  It's gross...however this time it was invigorating.  Before children walking was just a bother...I hated walking I hated sweating and I hated everything to do with any exercising.  However (and judge me if you want) that was the most amazing 30 minutes I spent in the past 3 1/2 years! I was able to listen to my radio station (in silence) I was able to be silent myself (which is rare when you have a 3 year old asking 400 questions a day...literally) I was also able to shower and take longer then 10 minutes all in silence.  Key word here folks...SILENCE.  I love my children dearly so don't get me wrong, but I so enjoyed my 1 1/2 of silent sweaty bliss.  So tomorrow is Monday and I look forward to my meeting with the gym once again.  Pray for me as I do enjoy my workout but loathe it at the same time.  It's a love hate relationship.  Enjoy these pictures from my workout.  I figure if I'm gonna show off this big hunk of attractiveness I might as well have some fun with it.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lifestyle changes

Lets face it folks, lifestyle changes STINK!  The other night I went to do a Jamberry party at a friends house and I put my jeans on and squeezed into them...and before the night was over I had to sneak and unbutton them.  I couldn't even leave my size 22 jeans buttoned for the evening!  Part of this has to do with wearing yoga pants and maternity pants for the past almost 3 years, part of it has to do with having 3 babies in the past 4 years but most of it has to do with the fact that I can't stop eating.  So here it confession...

I am completely and horribly addicted to eating...anything and everything it doesn't matter what it is if it's in my house or easily in reach then it gets eaten!  I know it's a sin...I'm well aware that I'm living deep in the pit of gluttony but until recently I haven't cared.  I mean I've cared in the "I know I need to be healthy" way I didn't care that I looked fat or that people noticed I was fat and that still doesn't bother me.  What does bother me is that I can't even chase the girls around the house without getting winded.  I can't get up off the couch without major pain...and getting winded (you think I'm joking but I'm not).  I want a better future for our family and that does not include me being in the hospital every month because of my health.

So what is my plan?  Posting it here for all to see!  365 days....160 pounds to lose.
My short term goal?  50 lbs by August 29th.

How am I going to do it?

  • Meal planning! 
    • Eggs grain and meat for breakfast
    • Salad with protein for lunch
    • Dinner as planned with family with salad to prevent 2nds and 3rds of unhealthy said meal
  • Exercise with a friend at least 3 times per week with a bonus workout myself once a week
  • Blogging about it...I need a way to put my adventure out there for people to see, hold me accountable!  I need people to ask me how I'm doing and really mean it.
So there we go folks and now that I've written about it, it's time to post the obligatory "before" pictures.  Now mind you I am not ashamed at what I see...I am a beautiful woman!  But the fact of the matter is...if this is on the outside...the inside don't look good!