Thursday, May 31, 2012

Though None Go With Me...

Still I will follow, no turning back, no turning back.  Those are the famous words of a very old hymn however they still ring so very true in my heart.  Several years ago Jerry Jenkins wrote a book titled Though None Go With Me and that story has stuck with me and popped up in my memory at the best times.  Well they made a movie based off of the book (when it comes to it I would prefer you read the book there is so much more depth to it that way) but the movie catches the gist of it. 

Most of you probably don't know how I've struggled over the past several months (and even more so these past few weeks) with my life situation.  Adam seems to be working harder then ever, most days he's gone 15 hours a day and more times then not he misses seeing Abbie that day all together.  He works so hard so that I can stay home with our munchkin and I love him for that.  However I can't help but be human and I want it all my way.  I want him to be able to support our family but still be able to spend a chunk of time with us and right now that chunk of time is being robbed from us.  How does that tie in to this great book and movie?  Well I'll tell you.

In the movie the main character, Elizabeth, goes through her fair share of troubles!  Her mother dies when she is a very young girl, she grows up falls in love with a very Godly man, a pastor, who goes to war.  While he's at war her father passes away in his sleep then she gets word that Ben (the man she loves) has been killed in an attack.  She then, after a year and a half marries a man who has always loved her and so she in her grief turns to him falls in love and marries him.  All well in good till she finds out that Ben (the love of her life) didn't really die he had become a POW and had just been released!  She stays married to Will because she honestly loved him.  Years later her only son is killed along with his wife in a car accident and they become the guardians of their only daughter.  A few years later her husband is diagnosed with Alzheimer and it just goes downhill from there and he passes away 8 years later.  I'm telling you what after all that I don't know that I would be very happy with God!  But still she remains faithful, through all the hard times she uses them to minister to others!  Though none went with her and though it was painful (very painful) at times she embraced the will of God.  She lived it out knowing that her heartache would somehow help others. 

I tell you all this because I was so blessed by this message!  I could bore you to TEARS claiming all the hardships of my life starting in 4th grade (I know I was what 8?!) anyways but I won't.  It's a blessing because I know that someday (maybe soon) maybe it's already happened, I will be able to bless someone with my hardships.  Because of my faith and willingness to live God's will no matter what it holds I may be able to bless someones life so that they may do the same.  I pray that this may happen and that someday, when I'm 70 or 80 years old I can look back on my life, sit down with my grandchildren and tell them what a blessing my life has been all because I lived in God's will.  God doesn't promise that His will is easiest but He does promise that it's right.  As long as I remember that nothing will ever hold me down.  Though none go with me, still I will follow...

Blessings today and always,