Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday..and day of rest play dates and laundry

I know Sunday is suppose to be spent spending time with your faith family, your family family and resting but since my husband works most Sundays and I do NOT like sitting doing nothing at this point in my life today I was very busy.  Went to church this morning at Crosspointe and heard an AWESOME message about being Blameless (if you would like to hear it you can visit Crosspointe's website here) then I came home and a friend joined me for lunch and Abbie got to play with her daughter Molly.  They had lots of fun and wore each other out!

After that I did laundry dishes cleaned up from the play date and watched a couple movies.  Adam got home and we were able to go to lifegroup together, something that hasn't happened in like 3 weeks due to travel and holidays.  It was nice seeing our friends and digging into the word together.  My weekend was short and busy but uneventful just the way I like it!  Now I'm off to put all the laundry away that I folded this afternoon and then some snuggles with my love. Praying everyone has a good week! I'll leave you with a sweet picture from my mommy daughter time with Abbie this afternoon.

Blessings today and always,

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