Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Staying Strong through LOTS of prayer!

Well 1 our of 2 goals for the day isn't bad.  I wanted to wake up at 6 and do my morning devotions and blog about it however I'm sure you can tell that didn't happen.  I woke up at 7 and got ready for work HOWEVER I did manage to fix my lunch and get myself some breakfast before I left the house.  Today is day 2 on my adventure to a healthier lifestyle.  You can visit my profile to see how my adventure is going here

In just a little while Adam and I get to work out to Just Dance on the Wii which is always fun :) Then I plan to relax for the evening have my quiet time and well I have a couple things to do :) I'm not much a blogger this evening, I don't have much to say because well nothing happened today!  But I managed to keep my goal and stay under my calorie count and now I'm going to work out because that's what I need!  I'll leave you with the sweetest picture of my baby girl enjoying her dinner tonight.  She's getting so big!

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