Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a new day

So I'm gonna go ahead and put this out there, I've started attending over eaters anonymous meetings.  I've been to two so far and I'm not sure how I feel about them.  I blogged last night about being in a grumpy mood and in that grumpy mood I may have or may not have had a large serving of chips and cheese dip last night.  So I logged on (oh yes these meetings are via chat rooms now which is really nice!) so I went online to the meeting shared what had happened and got scolded.  I was told "thank you for sharing but next time please don't mention foods by name as it might trigger someone to relapse" now...I work in a mental health office and I'm pretty sure, in fact I checked with a therapist there but group members are allowed to when sharing mention the name of a substance that they have problems with.  While I understand the reason, I didn't like being called out in front of the group, they should post some rules or something!  Well I made it through the night not very well rested and it's a new day.  I got up, cleaned up the house a little played with Abbie now she's down for a nap and I'm finishing up my devotions and blogging time.  Then we're going to go couponing!  I'm pushing through putting the slight stumble behind me and pressing forward.  In my devotions this morning it talked about how we always assume God is with us, and He is but sometimes we may leave the presence of God without really thinking about it.  Today my prayer is that I will constantly stay in His presence, letting Him love me and love others through me. 

Blessings today and always,


  1. It is awesome that you tried to seek help when you realized you're overeating and/or eating for the wrong reasons. May I ask if the website was of a religious orientation? The reason for asking is because I have a good bit of experience with online forums and chat rooms (I've even been a moderator more than once), but I've always noticed a severe difference in Christian chatrooms vs. non. Or better yet the "non Christian" rooms that really are, but aren't nearly as strict.

    Essentially, the Christian online sites have all walks of life, and instead of being logical, they take the road of "we should make rules so NO ONE is offended (aka impossible)". This squelches the ability to help folks (as you saw). In fact, it is very unhealthy not to name the substance when seeking help. Just saying a nickname or "it" makes the problem less obvious and real.
    I hope that you find somewhere that will let you express yourself fully :)

  2. It's overeaters anon which is alot like alcoholics anon they have a 12 step program and they believe people should tap into their higher power whoever that may be...I don't think I'll be going back though. We'll just find a different way to deal