Friday, January 6, 2012

End of the week I'm tired crabby pants

That's what I had on tonight.  I'm not sure what happened between 5:30 when I got off work and 6 when I finally made it home but somewhere in there the devil got in me and started yappin about how bad my day was when in fact it wasn't bad at all.  It was productive and moved pretty fast and I had a great shopping trip to Wal-Mart.  So after a good couple hours of getting angrier and stalking around my house throwing dinner together in a not so loving manner eating said dinner gaining a headache in the process my husband headed back to Waffle House to count the drawer down because managers are responsible for shift change on the weekends.  So, not only did I manage to be in a greatly bad mood when I got home but I ruined the only two hours of the evening I had with my husband!!  So after he left I was moping and was going to leave the dinner dishes in the kitchen however I had a pep talk with myself.  I unloaded the dishwasher cleaned up the kitchen and living room and prayed the whole time.  So now I have a better heart and attitude and I also have a clean living room and kitchen.  So next time maybe some prayer on the way home would be a better plan.  Ok I'm off to work on coupons. 

Blessings today and always,

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  1. Go Amy on putting it aside through prayer and hard work! Sort of similar situation, and actually around the same time! Right before Matt called me to tell me he was on his way home from work I got really wiped out and was getting slightly depressed (the I-have-zero-energy-and-too-much-to-do sort). Anyway, I finally motivated myself to do a 10 minute work out before Matt got home from work. Man, when he walked in the door I was out of breath, sweaty, but grinning ear to ear. So was he :). We ended up having a family dinner and walking a mile too!