Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The burn....oh the burn!!!

It's been a few days since I updated on my new life adventure so I thought I would update y'all.  Now keep in mind I'm doing pretty good for someone who had already meal planned and shopped for the month before I started this whole journey...I just can't (and won't) throw all that food out to start clean (pun intended lol) 

I have now been going to the gym every day (except break day which is Sunday) for almost a whole week.  The first 2 days I just walked on the treadmill and rode the bike but hey it's a start.  On the 3rd day I met with the personal trainer at the gym...I know it's just a way to drag me in to paying them money but the consultation was still free so  I took it. Well I found out that I don't weight 340 pounds....I weight 350 pounds!  So folks my goals have changed a first goal marker is 100 lbs in 10-12 months.

So I have a friend that is going to be training with me and I'm so thankful for her because if it weren't for her I would have still been on the treadmill just walkin along making little progress.  Yesterday when I met with the trainer he confirmed what I know legs are very weak (I did the phantom chair for all of 5 seconds) I did 10 standing lunges and my legs are screaming today.  My friend had me doing some ab exercises today along with shoulder strengthening exercises and I already feel it.  Only the Lord can give me the strength that I need for this!  And I've decided something (budget pending) that for every week that I workout every day except rest day I'm rewarding myself...with a smoothie from Smoothie King.  Don't worry it's a veggie fruit smoothie and amazing and really good for me!

So yes my legs are burning I have some extra workouts to do per my "personal trainer" tonight before bed and I'm gonna need some prayer! I go to make next months meal plan!  Healthier meals here we come!

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