Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saten is attacking!

Today was another attempt at the stay at home mom bit...it didn't go all wrong but it was very VERY long.  Miss Abbie has a cold and in return its hurting her ears and that my friends makes for a super cranky child.  It would have been okay if she wanted to sit and snuggle with me but I would pick her up and sit her with me and she was so fidgety!  She just wouldn't sit still so I put her on the floor and she would cry and cry and cry and I would pick her up and she would cry and fidget...you can see the vicious cycle starting can't you.  Add to that trying to get chores done around the house and a dog that wanted to play and snuggle and you get a very long day.  I can't say that over the past few days it hasn't ocurred to me that I should have just stayed at work but I know this is God's calling for my life and saten can attack me all he wants but I'll just pray and pray and try harder.  Well friends I'm out for the night, I'm going to wait for my love to get home from work. 

Blessings today and always,

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