Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to my journey

I finally did it, I opened the book and did the first devotion for the day in the book I bought well over a month ago.  Made to Crave Devotional by Lysa TerKeurst jumped out from the shelf like a hand trying to grab at me, I read the back although I had already heard of the book and made the choice to buy it and make my way through it knowing that what she has to say is probably going to rock my world and Lord willing change my life forever.  Lysa talks about and is very honest about her struggle with weight over the years of her life and wrote a book about the path she walked (I haven't read the book I had to make a choice between it and the devotional so I chose the later).  I've always known there was a deeper issue to the fact that I continue to eat and crave nasty foods (I mean good but NASTY foods) and a reason I continue to eat and eat and eat trying to fill some sort of hole that you can't ever see or fill.  I've known there was a deeper issue but wanted to ignore it thinking that one day I might be able to conquer this issue either on my own or with the help of God.  I tried over and over and when I failed I just figured I could always try again the next day (or next year ya know whatever works). 

Day One in this devotional, asking the Lord to unsettle me.  You know my brother Stephen has talked to me about this before, not in the same words but still.  I can see that this message has been taught to me over and over yet I seem to be ignoring it.  Unsettle me, I look at it kind of like turning the soil for a new garden.  God is the gardener and I am the soil, and if I want the "fruits" to grow from my soil them I'm going to have to allow God to turn the soil, to unsettle me and dig deep inside to find the faith and commitment to make my life fruitful.  Did that make sense to anyone else? 

Well this is my prayer today and will continue to be my prayer, because the Lord is never done working in our lives.  I pray that the Lord will unsettle me, never let me be complacent in my walk with my Lord Jesus.  Let me allow Him to do a great work in my life and in my family's life.  I pray that this is the start of an amazing journey.

Blessings today and always

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