Thursday, November 3, 2011

Parenthood is an adventure!

Abbie is now going on 7 1/2 months old and I'm finding out that being a parent is both a joy and an adventure...sometimes a frustrating one but still an adventure!  We are in the process of cutting our top 2 teeth!  One has come through all the way and we're waiting on the other one (it's a long process).  What I didn't realize is that while your child is teething they can have the following
  • Lack of appitite
  • lots of drooling
  • bad poop that burns their but
  • when they spit up it smells BAD
Yeah and that's not all but those are what I'm dealing with at this time.  What I'm really excited about is when she actually gets the teeth all the way in and starts grinding them.  *shudder*

You know what I just realized?  I don't know what I ever managed to talk about before I had a child!  Changing the topic...Thanksgiving!  I've started it on Facebook but I'm doing the ABC's of things I'm thankful for during the month of November.  I have listed them so far as
A-Adam and Abbie...I love them both so much and am so blessed to have an amazing helpful husband and a loving happy healthy baby!
B-My BFF Megan!  She has been with me for something like 16 years even through all my moves to different cities she has been to just about every one of them!
C-my cousins..I pray someday that Abbie will be able to live near her cousins so she can grow up and play with them.  I didn't live near mine but when we were together it was the BEST.  Well I really should get back to doing some chores and getting ready for our trip north this weekend.  Let me leave you with a picture of Abbie's cuteness!

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