Thursday, October 27, 2011

Evidently I'm not to good at this blog thing...

October 27th...can you believe it's October 27th?!  October holds lots of fun things but the most joyful event is my husbands birthday!  It seems like we've been together forever and I can't believe just a few years ago I was celebrating his 23rd birthday! I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband and can't wait to celebrate his birthday for the next 80 years (or more)

October also means that Abbie is 7 months old (7 months and 7 days today) and I can't even believe it.  She is precious!  She is growing so fast I can't even blink or I'm gonna miss it!  She can crawl and chase down anything she puts her mind to, she has 2 teeth on the bottom (the top 2 are close behind) she pulled herself up for the first time at 6 months old!  She loves cruisin along the side of the couch...I keep tellin her to slow down cause mama isn't ready for her to grow up so fast! 

Adam has started his TDY at a Waffle House in Tifton (about 45 minutes north of us) he's placed there temporarily while he proves he's ready to manage his own WH.  I am SO proud of him and how hard he is working for me and Abbie!  Hopefully just a few more weeks and we'll know where he's going to be placed permanently.  Only God knows where for sure but just in case I'm ready in case we have to move! 

Well I think that's about all for right now, I have to go do my couponing planning for this weekends trip to the grocery store.  Blessings to all

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