Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm new to this

I must admit I've never really been into the whole blogging world but a few weeks ago (actually only a week ago) I ran across a blog that a friend posted.  It's called Time Warp Wife you can read her blog here and what I read there literally rocked my world!  Here is a woman that writes a blog to encourage and empower women to lead more Godly lives, to be a more Godly wife, a more Godly mother.  A blog that encourages me and pours into me like the bible tells us we're to do?! WHAT?!  Well I've read....I've read and I've read and I've READ.  Not only did I read her blog but I read The Better Mom blog which you can read here I read Life With Lissy which you can read here and I also found a Proverbs 31 ministry blog with daily devotions on it which you can read...yup you guessed it HERE.  I mean I had NO idea the blogs that were out there and they are all a result of women that God has called to rise up and to pour into young wives and mothers to be the women that He wants us to be.  I love it!  So join me in my journey as I read and pray and work very very very hard at changing the way I do things.  The things I say to my husband, the way I do things around the house, the things I teach my daughter.  We're in for an awesome ride here people!

Lord give me strength to endure what I'm about to take on.  Help me to respect my husband and not tear him down.  Help me to encourage my daughter and raise her to be a woman of great faith and respect for the man that she will one day marry.  Help me to power through housework even when I hate it.  Help me to rise each morning with a joyful heart being thankful that I have a job and help me to work my job with a joyful attitude so that I may come home and be joyful to my family as well.  In your name I pray

Be blessed my friends for we are loved by an ALMIGHTY GOD!

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