Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Month Amy went crazy...and then some

Y'all August has been a month I will be glad to say goodbye to and no joke.  I am so ready for September and PRAYING that the Lord brings healing to our home so that this mama can have a break and get back to the gym.  At the beginning of the month I pinched my sciatic big deal really it happened on a Friday and so I took an extra day off to heal but Monday rolls around and so did the beginning of the school year, open houses and things to get ready and crazy schedules and things got away from me so no gym for me or my husband.  Then Thursday night I planned to take Abbie to school and then go to the gym then pick her back up.  Friday rolls around I take her to school and come back home because I'm so sick I can't even function..stomach flu had hit the Hanners' home!  I got it then Adam got it then all 3 kids got it on the same day!  THEN we all got better for a day and I broke my toe...I know what you're thinking broken toe work through the YOU break your toe and carry 350 pounds on it and work through the pain cause this lady rested up!  It's still not 100% but I can walk normal at least.  Well then Amber got sick again and had a cold so no gym again because well no daycare cause kids were sick...then Amber got a boil on her tushy and that has been a horrible ordeal!  ER visit cutting it open holding her down getting the wound packed and it's healing nicely but because of the antibiotic she's on she got a HORRIBLE yeast infection...and then because I gave them a bath together...Abbie gets said yeast infection as again no gym no church no nothing for us until this sucker is gone.


However a new month is ALMOST here and because it's a holiday weekend we got paid early yippie!  Which means I got to go to the store Friday instead of Tuesday and that's good cause I probably gained 10lbs trying to finish up all that was in the pantry before I went to the store haha.  So we have started eating low carb and I have to say it's much easier then what we were doing because there are lots of casseroles and other foods I can make that are low carb and healthy but fit in our budget plus I get to keep my fat.  Take my carbs or take my fats but don't take both.  So yes today I got to eat yummy low carb foods and was just so happy about it for reals...I haven't been hungry I haven't felt deprived and I have loved every moment of it!  I got to have bacon for dinner and I put mayo on my BLT "wrap" it was just so yummy!

I am so excited to see where this new lifestyle takes us and I'm so happy I found something that works with our income.  This week on the meal plan is CrackSlaw, and Pizza two recipes I'm very excited about.  Yes that's right I said pizza!  I'll let you know how my cauliflower pizza crust turns out.  So now that you've read all this I have a way you can help me in this walk...Pray for me and pray for my family! Pray for healing for me and my babies including Adam so that we can get back to the gym and get our workout on cause I really miss it!  Be sure to stay tuned because I'm planning a more regular update then what you have been getting.  Enjoy the journey with me because it's bound to have some funny moments and maybe some yummy recipes you can use.  Peace out...word

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